Why You Should Use Prefilled Flush Syringes At Your Facility


When your nursing staff uses a convenient entry point for injecting individual medication doses directly into a patient’s IV tubing, you understand the risk of the medication becoming trapped in the luer lock access area. When a patient is relying on your staff to provide the proper amount of medicine, whether it is for fighting infection or dealing with pain, you need to know that they actually get their full dosage, every time. To deal with this problem, medical facilities around the world are turning to pre filled flush syringes.

These prefilled flush syringes comes in two common varieties: filled with a 0.9% Sodium Chloride solution for everyday use, or filled with Heparin to combat the blood clots that frequently occur during bed rest situations. All your nursing staff will need to do is determine which solution is required in this instance, and screw the luer lock into place before injecting the flush through your patient’s IV tubing.

Since your staff does not need to access vials to prepare their own flushes, using prefilled flush syringes saves time and prevents needlestick injuries. Prefilled syringes are individually packaged and easy to store at nursing stations throughout your healthcare facility and convenient for homecare use.

With the addition of the SwabCap, a luer access point disinfection cap, using prefilled flush syringes has never been safer for your company. Simply screw the SwabCap® into place on the luer access to initiate the decontamination process from the included 70% mixture of alcohol. Then unscrew the cap and discard it. Using one of these caps on the prefilled flush syringe and on the luer access location will insure that a clean, sanitary transfer of flush medication happens every time.

Since the prefilled syringe is disposable, you can leave these items in a patient’s room to use at the next medication distribution. If tampering is suspected, simply dispose of the syringe and use a fresh one at any time. Since there are no needles and no direct contact with blood flow, the prefilled flush syringe need not be considered a bio-hazard upon disposal, freeing up your bio-hazard containers for use with actual sharps and other hazardous material.

With a healthy supply of prefilled flush syringes in your medical facility, your nurses will soon become accustomed to carrying these with them. Their regular use will cut down on the amount of sodium chloride and heparin that your facility goes through when preparing flush syringes, and will provide your staff with a safer, more reliable means of flushing IV lines.


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