The Convenient IV Kits


The infamous IV tray that used to be on every medical floor at the hospital has now been replaced with the convenient IV start kits. Everything that is needed is in this one sterile pack and can be easily obtained when needed. The use of the IV start kit saves on time and contains all the necessary supplies to start the IV. All that has to be done, is to grab the kit and an IV catheter and you are ready to go to the patient’s room.

The start kit includes these components:

  • 1 pair of latex free exam gloves.
  • 1 alcohol prep pad
  • 1 latex free tourniquet
  • 2 2 x 2″ gauze sponges
  • 1 roll tape
  • 1 transparent dressing 2-3/8″ by 2″
  • 1 PVP pad
  • 1 dressing change label

These kits are convenient and cost effective. They come 50/case. The nurses start the majority of the IV’s, so the nurses and IV’s seem to go hand in hand. When starting an IV, know the anatomy of the patient and don’t go rooting around looking for that magical vein. Remember that the ventral side of the forearm is sometimes the best place to look. Initially, do a survey, but don’t go in blindly.

Because you don’t see a vein does not mean there is not one there. Practice is the best way to sharpen your skills. When palpating for a vein, close your eyes and feel. If you have a patient that has really good veins, close your eyes and palpate. This will help you to learn how a vein feels by touch and when you have a patient that does not have good veins, it will be easier for you to feel their veins.

The vein you choose should feel round, firm, and engorged. Sometimes veins feel and look suitable, but when an IV catheter is inserted, they have irregular or narrow lumens. The advancement of the IV cannula will be difficult in this situation. Because of the fact that the arteries are deeper than the veins, they are rarely damaged when starting peripheral IV’s.

Always follow the protocol of the facility when starting the IV. The IV Start kit will save time in gathering the necessary equipment and will also let the patient know that you are prepared. This gives them more confidence in the IV therapy process. It is not the end of the world, if you miss an IV, nobody gets them all. Tell the patient you are sorry and go get someone to start the IV for the patient. Most hospitals have a policy that no more than 2 IV sticks are made and then the physician is called.


IV Kit Usage Allows You To Save Time and Treat More Patients


1V Kit

How often does one of your employees go to start an IV, only to end up leaving the room to fetch some forgotten item from the nursing station? Nurses who have to start IVs every day can forget the most common of items when they enter a room to treat a patient. From the alcohol prep pad to the transparent dressing, nurses lose precious minutes every day by searching to find these common items.

Having the WOLF-PAK® IV Start Kit in stock at your facility will save your business wasted time. These  IV kits come complete with everything that your nursing staff needs, all in one convenient package that can be opened at the patient’s bedside when it is time to start their IV. Those minutes that your nursessave by not having to double back for a latex-free tourniquet will begin to add up quickly, and productivity in the workplace will soon improve.

Our WOLF-PAK® IV Start Kits come in two varieties to meet your medical facility’s needs. The traditional kit features a pair of latex-free gloves, safe for every patient’s needs while inside your facility or in their homes. You won’t need to worry about patients with latex allergies with this kit. Upon opening, the materials are contained in their own soft tray, turning any workspace into a clean and appropriate area for IV starting.

After using the included latex-free tourniquet to tie off the area, the alcohol prep pad package is designed to be easy to open while wearing gloves. After the catheter is in place, your nursing staff can turn to the tray to locate their gauze sponges, transparent dressing, and transpore tape, enabling them to secure the freshly started IV as quickly as possible for the patient’s comfort. The PVP pad is at hand if necessary, and the dressing change label is right at your nurse’s fingertips for proper documentation of the procedure. The only thing your nurses need to remember with this IV Start Kit is to bring along their IV Catheter and IV Tubing for the job at hand.

Our second style of kit contains the same latex-free gloves and tourniquet, and is served in the same style of soft tray for easy use. However, instead of alcohol and PVP, this kit includes a ChloraPrep Frepp® applicator and insert. For those unfamiliar with ChloraPrep®, it has been proven to prevent the regrowth of bacteria at the application site for 48 hours. This kit finishes off with an Opsite® dressing to secure the IV, transpore tape, and dressing change label.

Between our two kits, your every need for IV Start Kits is taken care of. Providing these kits to your staff will help them to remember all of the necessary items when starting an IV, and make your patients more comfortable by having the catheter secured as quickly as possible. Getting an IV started should never  be uncomfortable and with Wolf Medical Supply IV Start Kits, your nurses and patients will never be left waiting.